digital artist michael claren


I began producing films and videos in 1985. Since then I was involved in the production of hundreds of films in Europe and the United States as a producer, production manager, cameraman, editor, creative director or as an artist. You will only see a fraction of my work here. Everything else is beyond the scope of this page.


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Charles Bukowski
The Gut Wringing Machine


An Interpretation by Stephen A Stone.


Charles Bukowski has been called one of the greatest American poets by Henry Miller, Sartre and Genet.


This is the story of mans travail and frustration... a story of no matter how many goals he sets or how diligently his commitment to achieve his aspirations, society often beats him into submission. It is an allegorical and imaginative scenario... an abstract depiction of life when one strives for success with good intentions and when confronted with obstacles his dreams are compromised and he becomes simply a number used by society. It is how many survive. (Stephen Stone)


Cast: Leslie Shenkel, James Hook, Leo J Arbeznik, Jeffrey Long, Stephen A Stone.

Producer/Director: Stephen A Stone.

Videography: Christopher T Gendron, Michael Claren.

Editing: Michael Claren w/ Stephen A Stone.

Set Design: James Hook, Josef Utto, Bosha Stone.

Makeup & Wardrobe: Bosha Stone.

Artistic Stage Backdrop: Michael Claren.

Clappers: Nadia Utto & Bosha Stone

Angelique Marketon Singer/Songwriter - Promo


I made this Promo Video for my daughter Angelique to support her in her effort to produce her first CD. She is extremely talented and dedicated, and I'm very proud of her!

Michael Claren - Digital Art 01


Video Slideshow 01 of Michael Claren's Digital Paintings from 2011

Sein oder...? ...! (To be or...? ...!)

The complete film


I created this experimental video in 2004.

It's dedicated to all those who have preserved their inner sensitivity and ability to listen in these times of cold-heartedness and hectic pace.

It's produced in the form of an allegory dealing with different human conditions and is embedded in a dream sequence.

The film has 4 phases:

Phase 1: The war scenes in this video are symbolic for human conflicts and hatred.

Phase 2: Captivity or imprisonment stands for isolation and loneliness.

Phase 3: The love scenes show the desire to find peace and comfort in a relationship.

Phase 4: This part deals with different religions and the search for something meaningful beyond our materialistic and rational realm (and I don't want to keep quiet about religious wars however they appear!).

Cash in the Attic


A video for evaluation of items with Tim Luke.
Production: Leo J. Arbeznik - Images in Paradise
Camera: Chris Gendron / Michael Claren
Editing: Michael Claren