digital artist michael claren


"Michael Claren is an extremely gifted and creative digital artist. I have know him for many years and am always awestruck by his new and innovative creations which surpass the boundaries of traditional photography. I highly recommend him for any endaevor he undertakes!" - Jane Ejan Blatt †, Painter, Stuart, FL, USA


"Michael Claren is an exception artist who creates veritable feasts for the eye. His perspective of the world around him is extraordinary. He elevates the common, most ordinary vistas and objects to the truly sublime. His work is guaranteed to bring a smile and compels you to rethink how you see the world around you." - Janet Bird Fuller, Fine Artist, Fort Pierce, FL, USA


"I love it!!! Your artwork is AWESOME, very creative, but that is what I always admire about you, your creativity. I did learn a lot from you and for that I thank you. It was a pleasure working with you." - Kim Kasye, Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA


"The clarity and color of these photographs are beyond belief!" - "Michael. You are an amazing photographer. Kudos." - Laurence Gartel (the "FATHER" of the Digital Art Movement worldwide), Miami Beach, FL, USA


"Michael is a prolific photographer, video editor and web designer. His artistry shows in every venue with brilliance, composition and organization. He has done a fantastic job for Visionary Centers Internationl, Visionary School of Arts And my personal art website and gallery." - Lynne Barletta, Artist and Founder Visionary School of Arts, Stuart, FL, USA


"Michael is a very creative and diverse human with many talents. I can relate to his life and energy - it’s tough keeping up with him." - Weston Rayfield, Artist, Delray Beach, FL, USA


"As owner of two businesses and having worked with him for many years, Michael Claren has demonstrated professional skill and great creativity with his extraordinary photography and editing to complete so many projects. He is masterful and attentive to detail. Simply unequaled in his profession" - "Awesome... love his work and he is the best of people!" - Rachel Goldberg, Gallery Owner and Owner Goldberg Real Estate and Funding, Stuart, FL / Boston, MA, USA


"Michael is the best editor I have ever worked with. He's a very talented and creative artist who takes editing to the next level. His story telling ability is ingenious." - Christopher  T. Gendron, Camerman, DP, Editor, Owner American Grade Productions LLC, Hobe Sound, FL, USA


"amazing....... I love your art" - David Denny, Musician, San Francisco, CA, USA


"Hello my mentor in video editing... you were a great influence on my life, and I just wanted to say THANKS!!!... Good stuff... If I didn't know better, I would have thought they were paintings. Pretty cool, dude!" - Charlie Mersinas, Phoenix, AZ, USA


"Amazing. I love all your Art work." - Alberto Quintero, Master in Fine Arts, Bogotá, Colombia / Orlando, FL, USA


"Michael Claren is the most remarkable photographer and photoshop expert I've ever worked with. We've worked together on several projects and Michael always goes far beyond my expectations. He does a 'top notch' professsional job!" - Janet "Sunny" Walker, Photographer, Stuart, FL, USA


"Beautiful work, Michael! I am honored to be in it!" - Ian Maksin, World renowned Cellist & Composer, Saint Petersburg, Russia / Chicago, IL, USA


"Amazing man, simply amazing! Some of the best works I have ever seen." - Ryan Frizzell, Murfreesboro, TN, USA

"Даже самые обычные предметы наполнены светом и радостью! Even the most ordinary objects are filled with light and joy!" - Galina Yakubovskaya, Painter & Designer for Theater, Film and Television, Moscow, Russia


"Dear Michael, you are really a great artist,very very talented !!!!!!!! I looooove so much your works !!!!!!!!!!!!" - Annie Sliwka, Painter, Boisseuilh, France


"psycedelic, ekspresionism, contemporary art paintings and digitaly taste also...wonderfull sir." - Yanas Kosel, Pop Artist, Nuuk, Greenland


What you seE and how you ComPosE and THAT you share that with us all... IS a GIFT... Michael. You're like MY window... My eyes... THE window to my SOUL..." - Jill Reid Stephan, San Diego, CA, USA


"Thanks for sharing your wonderful art works, they are simply awesome. You are a very colorful person & so is your art work! I have learned a few things from you which will help me in my future endeavors!" - Sudipta Bhattacharyya, Artist, Hooghly-Chinsurah, West Bengal, India


"Absolutely stunning ! I love the movement joined to the stillness of this picture ! Utterly fascinating!" (digital painting) - Horrel Acryl Sky Limbo, Visual Artist, Paris, France


"Although I have seen this before, each time it's a new experience... I am just back here perusing... your works are like a good movie... maybe after the tenth viewing I will stop counting and just watch!" - Michael Penn, Gallery Owner, Stuart, FL / Boston, MA, USA


"An explosion of color, vibrancy and imagination!" - Caroline Street,  Artist, Nelpsuit, Mpumalanga, South Africa


"...I had the sincere privilege of reviewing the new Video CD today. I must say what a great job! The graphics are terrific and the modeling was superb... an incredible graphics display... congratulations again on a magnificent feat! I can not wait until the final release and the impact of increased professionalism it will provide... again, the whole project is something which will set us apart from so many of the other companies..." (video production) - Thomas A. Hoghaug, President, Signus Medical LLC., Chanhassen, MN, USA


"You... are to be congratulated for the excellent presentation of the catalogue and for the manner in which it has been prepared... the end product is excellent... again congratulations to you on a superb effort." (graphic design & video) - R. B. Cooke, Man. Director Orthocare, Dee Why, N.S.W., Australia


"...the impressions at the presentation of the film were very positive. Professor T. is also pleased by the complete works... this was also confirmed by our general manager, Mr. M. W.-H., who is impressed by the excellent quality and the manner in which the video has been produced. Mr. W.-H. thinks this is the best video production Howmedica Kiel has ever initiated." (video production) - M.S., Senior Prod. Man. Hip, Howmedica International GmbH, Schönkirchen/Kiel, Germany


"... eine bewegte Vergangenheit... und eine ausdrucksstarke Zukunft! Du hast viel erlebt, und deshalb erzählen deine Bilder viele Geschichten... interessant, ungewöhnlich, spannend, herausfordernd! Schön dich zu kennen." - Christina Debissis-Scharpe, Pfungstadt, Germany


"...yesterday I received the video. I want to thank you sincerely for your impaccable work. I am thrilled about the choice of music and the narrator... I had a lot of fun working with you. I really hope, that it will be possible to tackle other projects with you in the future." (video production) - Dr. M. Fischer, St. Gallen, Switzerland


"...I also want to thank you for Mr. Claren's excellent and elaborate work... it impressed not only me but also... who participated in the experiment... I think the pictures are very well done, and it would give me great pleasure if it would come to a close collaboration in the future again." (video production) - Professor Dr. J. Raunest, Düsseldorf, Germany


"...everybody liked your pictures very much! We will proceed like this." (video production). - M. B., Gore & Co. GmbH, Putzbrunn, Germany


"...congratulations on the absolutely well done video..." (video production) - 

W. Scheffknecht, Andre & Scheffknecht GmbH, Dornbirn, Austria


"...these days we got your new laser video and watched it together. In spite of the risk to repeat myself, I would like to congratulate you again for the absolutely professional and promotional effective creation of your videos... the company... has definitely a leading position in this field." (video production) - H. Feldmann, Andre & Scheffknecht, Austria