exhibitions & events 2004

Multimedia Installation Cultural Center L'aim, Munich, August 2004
This was a big event in a large former factory hall and my installation with the title "Yearning for... (Sehnsucht nach...)" was showing three large projections of experimental videos plus some digital paintings on the walls as well as sound and music effects. It was shown several times over the course of some days. A very exciting project.
Thank you to Michaela Schembari, Uli Gansloser und Martin Krüger, called „die Schattenjäger“ for their dedication to the Munich art scene.
Unfortunately I can't find any photos anymore.
This was the main video (there were 2 more):

And these are some of the large format digital paintings that were hanging in the hall

to support the video projections:

Triptych "Yearning"

"War Wheel"

"Prayer Wheel"